Elder Orr

Elder Orr

Monday, December 11, 2017


Dear family and friends,
          This week has been a great week! We finally had our baptism this last Saturday! Patricia was so excited and so happy it was a really great experience for Elder Nash as well! It was his first baptism so it was a memorable day for all of us! We confirmed her yesterday in Sacrament meeting as well so she is officially a member! It was nice to finally have a baptism for the first time in a while! It makes me want to have a baptism every single week! We will just get working on that for this week! This week has just flown by next week is transfers already! We will already find out here in a little bit what will happen. Tomorrow we have interviews with President Resek so I´m excited for them! This last Friday me and another Elder named Elder Dixon traveled out to a city called Lujan in campo. We went out there to sing in a choir for a open house in a chapel. It was really fun it reminded me of Junin! Lots of open space and really pretty! So we sung in a choir and then traveled back with President Resek by car back to our apartments. It was really fun and got to see some new sights! Anyways it was a really fun week and looking forward to another great week ahead! Most likely I won´t be with Elder Nash for the next transfer but we will see what happens sometimes you just never know until it happens. Anyways it was great to talk to you all! Have an awesome week ahead and can´t wait to talk again next week!
Love Elder Orr

Monday, December 4, 2017

Dec. 4th 2017

Queridos amigos y familiares,
          This week has been a little crazy! We had to move the baptism because Patricia had some health problems but we are happy it was just that. We now are going to be baptizing her this next saturday is what we are going to be trying for! We really want to get it done as quick as we can and I just really hope this baptism just doesn´t fly away! Anyways it has been a really busy week! Our district all joined a choir so we go to the offices every thursday now to practice and it is actually a little fun. I never imagined joining a choir in my life before. It is kind of nice though because I will be able to get my package this thursday so that is pretty exciting! We are going to do divisions with our district tomorrow so we will be going to work in a different area for the day which will be really fun! The members here in this new area are so awesome! We get so many lunches and all the members are really strong and doing a lot of missionary work! We taught someone last night that was friends with some members and their is another family that we will be going to teach here pretty soon that knows another member family so it is really exciting! Elder Nash is getting so good at teaching! He is just improving more and more everyday with teaching and speaking the language! It is so much fun to speak spanish and to finally be able to understand what people are saying! Since it was fast and testimony meeting I want to share my testimony in Spanish with you guys! 

Estoy muy agradecido por la oportunidad de compartir el Evangelio con otras personas! Realmente es una bendición que me trae mucho gozo al hacerlo! Yo sé que el bautismo es muy importante en el plan de salvación que Dios tiene por nosotros. El bautismo es como una puerta para entrar en el Reino Celestial y vivir con nuestro Padre Celestial y nuestras familias para la eternidad. Es algo muy especial! Al estudiar el Evangelio cada día y enfocarme en ayudar a otras personas es algo que me ayuda crecer mi fe en Dios y también desarrollar un amor por la gente! Yo sé que esta es la iglesia de Jesucristo y que solo por medio de la iglesia de Él podemos disfrutar de todas las bendiciones del Evangelio! Les amo mucho y estoy muy agradecido por la oportunidad cada semana para hablar con ustedes! Muchas gracias por todo el apoyo y amor! Digo estas cosas en el nombre de Jesucristo. Amén.

Thanks for all the emails! Have an awesome week and can´t wait to talk more next week!

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Nov. 27th 2017

Nov. 27th 2017

Queridos familiares y amigos!
          This has been a really awesome week! We are going to be having our baptism this next saturday and we are both so excited! We just need to plan it well with the ward and to be able to have a successful baptism and we are ready to go! This week has been a ton of fun! We went to La Tablada to do divisions with the zone leaders in our zone. I went into a villa for the very first time! It was way cool it is basically just a bunch of homes built really close to eachother and it is like a giant labrynth. It was way fun and a really neat experience! I got to do divisions with Elder Metzner he is from Germany and it was a way fun division to do with him! We contacted 44 people in the last two days! It was the most people I had ever contacted in that much time before! It was so much fun too because me and Elder Nash just made a game out of it by picking people for eachother to contact! It was a ton of fun and a rush! It made these last two days go by so fast! With this baptism coming up it is going to be a ton of fun and a way busy week! We have a lot of things to get working on to make sure the baptism is a success. I´m excited for the week that is coming ahead though! We had a zone conference today and we all ate lunch in a nice restaurant as a zone. It was way fun to be able to have lunch with all these different missionaries. I´m excited to get out there this week and give it all I can to be able to share the gospel with other people and open the doors to the celestial kingdom for them. What a blessing to be able to help others to be able to enter into those doors! I know that this church is true, there is not a doubt in my mind that Christ is the head of this church and guides it through a living prophet just as he had in times of old. I know that only through Him and the principles that He has taught that one can enter into the kingdom of God. Anyways I´m running out of time but this is my testimony that I want to leave for now. It is an exciting week coming up ahead! Can´t wait to talk to you all next week! Tengan una buena semana!
Love Elder Orr 

Monday, November 20, 2017

Nov. 20th 2017

This week has been really interesting, we were in a trio up to thursday until Elder Winward got sent to another area. Now it is just me and Elder Nash and it is honestly kind of nice we are back in a normal companionship because it is hard to talk to people in the street when there is three of you. Now it is just the two of us and it is a lot more easier I think. Elder Nash is a capo! He can communicate really well with people and he understands a lot of spanish! We had a baptism coming up but we have to reschedule it so we need to have another interview and see when we can be able to baptize her. We will probably get it this week. We went to help an english teacher with an english class this week for a service activity. It was weird to talk in english to all these Argentine kids, when I finally did speak spanish to them it totally blew their minds that I knew spanish it was so funny! Our district we have all four elders from Utah so it is really fun. The other two elders live above us so we always see them and it is really fun! It is kind of fun to work with a bunch of Utahns because we seem to think alike! Hahaha! We got a lot of work to do this week! We hope to have this baptism come through for us but we will see how it goes. I read a really good scripture today in 3 Nephi 18: 30 I thought about how great it is to help other people to come unto Christ and it really is a blessing to help others to come and be baptized and repent of their sins. You get to see this great change in their lives and it really is a great blessing to have a front row seat to watch it. Im grateful for the opportunity I have to be here in Argentina preaching the gosple and I just feel so happy that I cant even explain the joy I feel! Just being able to participate in this great work is a priviledge and a great blessing. Anyways this was a cool scripture I read and that is what I had thought about. Anyways love you all and can´t wait to talk more next week!
Love Elder Orr

Monday, November 13, 2017

Nov. 13th 2017

Dear family and friends,
          This week has been really fun and a lot of new changes and crazy things that have happened. So I arrived to my new area in Ramos Mejia and it is called Atalaya. There was 4 of us Elders in the district but one of them had to go home because he had really bad scoliosis so we are in a trio for now and we might join some other elders in a district so we will see what happens. It has been a ton of fun though! A lot has happened and it has definetly been a new experience to train! It has been a ton of fun though! We are now walking so we don´t have bikes anymore and the area is so much smaller than Junín. Elder Nash my new companion is awesome! He is a crack up he has a really funny sense of humor! He is great! We have a baptism coming up on the 25th of November so it is really nice to just walk into a baptism hahaha! We aren´t doing laundry in a bucket again thank goodness and honestly I don´t think I ever had too because there are a lot of laundromats in the city. We now will have pdays on thursdays now which is really nice because we get more time to do other stuff. So now on mondays we write our families and do our district meeting, and do all of our planning and then thursday we just have a whole lot of time to do other stuff so it is actually really nice! I´m not even sure if I will be a district leader here anymore because our district just disappeared so we might join districts with some other elders that live right above us because it is only going to be us two in the district. I am eating pretty well though too! With all the changes and the crazy stuff that is going on I´m eating pretty well por suerte. It is always a little stressful for me to move into a new area because I don´t want to ruin everything the Elders before me had worked on but it is just part of the experience and I need to just put it in the Lords hands. I read a really awesome scripture today and had a really cool thought. I read from 2 Nephi and I can´t remember what chapter or verse and I don´t really have time to look for it but it talked about how Nephi wrote to persuade his children and his children´s children to come unto Christ. It really made me realize that how the prophets not only wrote scriptures because they were commanded too or they just wanted to reprimand people but they did it because they loved their children and they wanted them to recieve a remission of their sins and receive salvacion one day. I just had that really cool thought and just wanted to share it with everyone. Really they loved their families and they cared about their salvacion. Anyways love you all very much I already have to go but I hope you all have a really awesome week! Love you guys! Can´t wait to talk more next week!
Love Elder Orr

Monday, November 6, 2017


Dear Family and Friends,
          Well transfers came and I´m heading back to the city! I will be in a area called Atalaya which is close to the mission offices in Ramos Mejia. I will be a district leader again and finish the training of an Elder that came to the field last transfer! My new companion will be Elder Nash I don´t know where he is from but I will find out pretty soon! I have been in a new zone everytime I have moved which is crazy and I can´t believe I´ve already got 4 areas and I haven´t even hit a year yet! It is crazy! It has been a ton of fun in Junín though! Really neat city and a lot of cool sights and places to see! I will definetly miss Junín but I´m also excited to go to a new area and apply the things I learned here in my new area! So that is exciting but we will see how it all will work out! I´m pretty excited! Sorry I couldn´t write a whole lot in this email but I better go. Love you all and have an awesome week! Can´t believe how fast the time is flying by honestly!
Love Elder Orr

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Oct. 23rd 2017

Queridos familiares y amigos,
          Another week has passed here in Junin, it just keeps flying by way too fast. We have had a good week and honestly it is hard to find time for anything really. It might be my last two weeks here in Junin because we got two more until transfers already, I´m not sure what I would think if I got transfered out of Junin. It has been a really fun area and honestly probably my busiest area. We taught a guy this week that has lived a pretty rough live spiritually but when he told us how he wanted to change and he felt something was missing in his life it made us really excited! He was way interested in what we were sharing and he could potentially be baptized pretty soon here in maybe a month! We have been finding a lot of people who could potentially get baptized pretty soon honestly. It has been a lot of hard work and a lot of talking to people but the fruits will be so worth it if we see some baptisms come out of it. The zone leaders came to our are this week and helped us set up a open plaza and basically we set up a table with some banners and it has flyers and book of mormon and we go out and talk to people. It really made me humble because it was so hard! It is so different to knock on a door and tell someone about the gospel than trying to talk to somebody that is walking by. It definetly helped me realize that I have weaknesses and there is still a lot to work on. You can never stop improving really, anyways it´s been a ton of fun here in Junin. There is a lot of work and a lot of things to do and it definetly helps so that the time doesn´t feel like it goes by so slow. This next week we have a conference in chivilcoy with President Resek coming up this Friday so that is something to look forward to in the week but it is probably better to just focus on the moment really because it just flies by way too fast. The gospel is awesome, it really is the thing that blesses our lives more than anything else. If you want to have success in life and learn how to deal with the problems that face us everyday you need to study the teachings of Jesus Christ they really help us more than anything. If we show the Lord our weaknesses and come unto him with humbleness he will give us the strength and power to turn our weaknesses into strengths. I know this principle is true I have seen it many times as a missionary. Anyways love you all! It is a joy to talk to everyone every week and I hope you all have an awesome week!
Love Elder Orr

Monday, October 16, 2017

Oct. 16th 2017

Oct. 16, 2017

Hola Queridos familiares y amigos,
          This last week has been such a blast! We have found so many new investigators and we really could have some potential baptisms that might be coming up pretty soon but we still have to see just how it will go. We had divisons with the zone leaders in our are this last tuesday and it was a lot of fun. We found 6 new investigators in total and we have 3 baptismal dates that we have set up from the week! We still have to work with these investigators but we could potentially have some baptisms coming up in the next few weeks but we will still have to see still. We went and did interviews with President Resek this last friday. We traveled to Chivilcoy a town about 2 hours from Junin and we stayed in the apartment of the zone leaders. They told us there that President Resek gave us permission to skype our families because it was mothers day here in Argentina! I didnt believe them at first honestly but I was really excited about it! We then traveled back to Junin and were able to skype yesterday! It was so much to talk to the family I didnt really think we would be able to skpye until Christmas! It was so much fun to be able to do it and to be able to talk face to face again. Its only two more months until we get to do it again in december! Anyways it has been an awesome week! I am so excited to see what this week will bring! Anyways its been great here in Junin with Elder Alvarez! I wouldnt mind staying here another transfer honestly. We have a zone conference coming up in a few weeks so we will be traveling to Ramos Mejia but we have a little bit of time until then. Anyways love you all hope you all have an awesome week! Until next time that we get to chat!
Love Elder Orr