Elder Orr

Elder Orr

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Feb 23, 2017

Hi everyone! 
          I am glad to hear grandpa is feeling better, that is a relief! I want to send pictures so bad and I found my cord but I can not for the life of me figure out how to download the pictures on the computer. The computer does not even pull up any drive or device or nothing like that! I hope I can figure it out but for now I cant even send pictures because my device and cord wont even work with the computer. The cord can plug in and everything but the darn computer wont pull up any device download or nothing like that. I am not sure why it wont let me download my pictures but it wont.​
Ok so I just barely got these from an Elder in my district that sent them. They are all I can send right now but I promise I have more until I can figure out my stupid camera. Hahaha. Sorry I wont be able to write to everyone that sent me an email today I was trying to figure out why my camera would not work. The comuter wont accept my camera or something like that I think I might have to buy a new camera or not be able to send pictures I am not sure what to do about that. Anyways my week was pretty good, every one is nice when we go proselyting. Besides even if someone said something mean joke is on them because I cant even understand them anyways. We actually found someone proselyting that spoke English. We were really excited! She was from New Jersey but she lives in Argentina now because her family moved back from the states. We were excited to be able to talk to her. She actually already knew who Mormons were and she even was taking lessons from some missioneries where she used to live. She said she loved them because they were so kind to her and helped her paint her house once. It made me so excited to get out in the field and be able to grow close to people. This is actually my last time emailing you guys in the MTC! I will be in the field the next time I email you guys so I am not sure when P days are in the field but you will find out soon enough. Hopefully I can find a way to be able to send pictures. Maybe I will have a companion that has a camera that actually works when you connect it to the computer. I have had a wonderful time here in the MTC, Im sure the field is very different but if I could adjust here I should be fine out there. The spanish is going really well, I can read the gospel works in Spanish and understand them except the scriptures. I cant understand the native speakers too well but I can understand it for the most part when it is written down and I read it. I just need to practice speaking it out loud. One night I could not sleep and I actually started talking to myself in Spanish. It was really cool! I can understand my teachers that speak Spanish also but only because they speak a little slower and not at normal speed. I love you guys so much! I want to send my pictures so bad but my dumb camera wont work. Anyways love you all I cant wait to write you once I get in the field! I am so sorry I didnt have enough time to answer all of your emails. Love you guys so much! I cant wait to write you guys again! Everyone hang in there, oh by the way I didnt feel an earthquake it was probably on the border with Chile more west. Love you guys!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Dear family,
          Wow another week has flown by! It has been a great week here at the MTC! Playing basketball everyday and learning the language. We went proselyting again last Saturday and I did a little better with speaking the language. I could understand people a little better but it is still a little bit of a language gap. I had 3 people ask me what I thought about Donald Trump. It is also interesting what kind of people will talk to you. There will be guys drinking or something like that who will talk to you for a good 30 minutes, then there is nice little families who think you are the IRS or something like that. We also got to hear from another general authority in our sacrament meeting his name is Elder Bragg of the 70, he actually is going to speak in conference this April so watch for his talk! Our district has had a lot of fun together, we play this game called psychiatrist before we go to bed every night. It is way fun I do not have much time to explain it but you can probably look it up on the internet or something. The Spanish is going well! I can not speak it too well but I can understand it when my teachers speak it slowly in the classroom. I can also understand it in the gospel phamplets not the scriptures but most of anything else gospel related. We pretty much study everyday the language and the gospel. We get to go to the temple for a session every P-day and that is something to look forward too! It is really nice here! They take really good care of you here. I wish I could send pictures but my cord is locked away in my suitecase right now. There is so much to tell and so little time to share it. It is definetly a blessing to be here though! I am so excited to be able to start sending pictures! Remember if you ever have any problems in you life to ask the Lord for help! It is amazing how he will bless you when you want to do the right thing! I thought my first day here I was going to have to come home early because of my appetite, but now I actually enjoy eating and I have gained a little bit of weight! Anyways love you all! I look forward to hearing from you guys next week and writing you more! 
-Love Elder Orr

Monday, February 13, 2017

Feb 9, 2017

Dear family,
          Another week in Argentina and it has been great! This last week on Saturday we got to go practice proselyting. I will be honest it was really hard to talk to people especially when you do not know spanish! My companion understood more of what the people were saying to us which is nice. Remember to count your blessings though this week and remember how much of a blessing it is to live in the USA. We talked to a woman who was living in a little shack with a dirt floor, 7 kids, and her husband passed away from what we could understand. It was really hard to not be able to understand her because you know you can say or do something to help her out but you can not understand her. Anyways remember to count your blessings back at home. It was an interesting and fun experience to proselyte but I definitely need to work on my Spanish. Learning the language can at times be frustrating but you get to see the fruits of your labor as you find yourself being able to speak more spanish with your companion, or be able to understand what the native speakers are trying to tell you. This last week all the older missionaries that have been here longer headed out Tuesday. The newer missioneries are coming in today. Me and my companion are getting 4 new roommates in our room that we are in. I can not wait to be able to send some pictures here shortly! Other than those things it has been like any other day. We have just been studying the language a lot and learning how to teach lessons. The other missioneries in my district are all way funny. We all joke around when it is appropriate and have a good time together. Anyways it has been so much fun down here, there are times when you are frustrated with the language barrier not being able to talk to all the native speakers much but that is something that will just take time. I have learned so much down here in terms of the language than I have with 2 years of taking Spanish at high school. Thanks for keeping me updated on what is going on in the family! Do not worry about making me homesick either it has been nice to know what is going on! It makes me feel like I am not left out and you guys are thinking about me haha! Anyways love you all so much! I can not wait to start sending pictures!
Love, Elder Orr
Feb. 2, 2017

Dear Family,
          I can´t believe its already been two weeks here at the MTC! It´s been such an amazing experience! We got to visit the Buenos Aires temple last thursday on our P-day and today on our P-day! It was such a neat experience. The temple is literally 100 yards away from the MTC so we get to do a session every Thursday! The peace that you feel in the temple´s in Utah in the exact same peace down here! It´s amazing the love that you can feel that our Heavenly Father has for us! The week has really just been a lot of studying, they keep you so busy with classes and studying the language that you really don´t have a whole lot of time to think about anything. Learning Spanish has definetly been a process but I can see the gift of tongues slowly working, 
I´m slowly able to understand my roomates who are native speakers. Not entirely but more than a few weeks ago. We went to get our Visas today at the capital. The city is HUGE Donald Trump exclamation point! It made me realize there is a lot of people to share the gospel with. It really has been so much fun here! The Elders and Sisters in my district are so much fun to be around! Everyone does bottleflips even the native speakers. All the native speakers even know what the dab is. It´s so funny! Anyways not anything as exciting as hearing an apostle speak and shaking his hand but still a good week. In a weird way it feels like it´s been a month that I´ve been here but the days go by quick. I guess in a sense that must mean I´m making a lot of progress, which is good. I even make my bed every morning because they lock our rooms if we don´t! Sorry mom I didn´t make my bed before I left but I´m sure I´m going to from now on hahaha! It´s been a real blessing though to be on the Lord´s errand I have learned so much spiritually and can´t wait to see what the next two years will bring! I can´t wait to send you guys pictures in the next few weeks! I´m excited to show you guys what it kind of looks like down here! I really am blessed though, I really thought the first day and night here I couldn´t do it. After one day here was all it took my appetite came back and I´ve been able to eat. I actually think I´ve gained a few pounds. I told one of the Elders in our district while we were eating dinner one night that I think it was the first time I was actually hungry in my life. I´m so glad the Lord gave me the strength that I needed to be able to accomplish what I need to accomplish in the next two years! I wondered why I was going through the pain I went through at first but now I understand that it was an experience that made me stronger. I feel like if I could get through those terrible stomach problems, I can get through any trial I face on this mission with the Lord´s help. Always remember that nothing is impossible with the Lord´s help, any trial we face we can overcome with His help. I´m so glad he helped me out that first day and gave me the strength that I needed, and thanks to all your prayers as well. I definetly saw the Lord´s hand these last two weeks. He can do anything. I love you all and can´t wait to email you again next week. I wish I could have more time. Love you all so much!
-Love Elder Orr
Jan. 26, 2017

¡Hola mi familia!
          Sorry I didn't respond last Thursday today is our first p-day we didn't have one last week. Thanks you guys for all your emails, love and support! It's been an awesome week and I'm so glad I came out here I don't regret it yet. (it's only week one hahaha) Anyways I'll tell you guys how my week went. The first day at the airport and then making our way over to the MTC was honestly the worst day. It was hot I didn't sleep well on the airplane and I couldn't eat because I was having anxiety. On the first night I couldn't sleep at all and I felt like I was going to throw up for the first couple of hours of trying to sleep. I only had God at the moment, so I said a prayer asking for comfort about being away and to help my stomach. After my prayer I immediately fell asleep, and the rest of my nervousness and anxiety all went away just like that. I'm so happy to say I regained my appetite and have been eating well. I'm not just saying this because I'm supposed to be optimistic or anything God really did help me overcome what I had been going through the last few days of packing. All in just one day at the MTC where I'm supposed to be! Isn't the Lord awesome? Seriously though I am doing wonderful! The first day here was really hard, but it has been an awesome experience! I've met some awesome people. On Monday it was really cool we got to meet Elder Stevenson of the qurom of the 12 apostles last Monday and we all got to shake his hand! He is one of the newly called apostles, it was a real blessing to meet him and he had some awesome guidance and counsel for all of us as missionaries. Language wise I'm still learning but I think I've learned more here about Spanish in one week than I have with 2 years at high school studying it. It was really funny I said the prayer one night with our roommates and my companion and instead of saying gracious which means thanks I said grasioso which means funny in my prayer. So in my prayer I said "We are very funny for our families and the church" all the native speakers I heard utter little laughs after I said that and I knew I said something wrong. My companion is from the Philippines, his name is Elder Pajarro he is awesome. When I found out the Phillipines spoke English as their second language I was so thrilled! Elder Pajarro reminds me a little bit of CJ not because he checks himself in the mirror a lot (just kidding CJ love you man) he has an outgoing personality and he is willing to talk to the native speakers in what little Spanish he knows which has been awesome for me because it's getting me to use Spanish even with the native speakers. There are 4 others that we our roomates with that our all native speakers and don't speak English much at all. I can understand some stuff they say in Spanish though and they are the funniest guys! One of them was asking us how to say "you are beautiful" and "You are ugly" My companion Elder Pajarro was joking with them one night and called one of them whose name is Elder Ramirez ugly in Spanish as a joke. We were all laughing then it was so funny, the next day at lunch Elder Ramirez came up to Elder Pajarro put his arm around his shoulder and said in plain English "you are ugly" it was so funny we all just laughed so hard! All my roommates who are native speakers are so awesome though they are understanding with us learning Spanish and are even helping us pronounce words and say phrases. As far as pictures we can't start taking pictures until our last three Sundays here. I guess some elder took video one night of two elders arm wrestling and they were in their garments and it ended up on youtube so there goes that privilege. As soon as I get pictures I will send them to you guys. Oh it was so cool the other day I got to give my companion a priesthood blessing he was feeling a little homesick and nervous about learning Spanish. I gave him a blessing of comfort and after the blessing he was filled with tears, I was tearing up too when I finished the blessing. It was only my second time giving a blessing but it was a really special experience. My companion said he could feel the power of God working through the blessing. Now he is doing a lot better and is excited for the work. I know that the priesthood is real, it's so awesome that we have it available daily to us. It's a real blessing. Oh we have districts and all the people in my district are awesome. There's me and Elder Pajarro, Elder Hilton from Alta Utah, and Elder Sparks from Canada who I finally got to meet, I didn't see him much at the airport but I finally got to meet him and he is way funny. There's Elders Colson from St. George Utah, and Elder Raggasa who is also from the Phillipines. There is also Sister Chubak from Canada, Sister Varga from South Jordan Utah, Sister Lee from provo Utah and Sister Siason who is also from the Phillipines. They are an awesome group we all joke about our Spanish and add letters to our words just to make it sound like we speak spanish. They are a neat group, anyways I love you guys! I probably won't hear from you until next week because we only get one hour on our P-days to email and our districts time to email is 6:30-7:30 A.M. here 2:30-3:30 A.M. here we are 4 hours ahead of you guys, unless you guys want to wake up early to chat next week. Which would be awesome! We might change times in 3 weeks so I will see how that goes, but anywas I love you guys so much and can't wait to hear from you! Don't worry about me too much I'm doing awesome and I'm really not just saying that! The first day was terrible but the rest of the week has been awesome thanks to everyone's prayers and the Lord's comfort. I love you guys! Maybe we can continuously chat next week!

Love, Elder Orr 
Jan. 19, 2017

Hey I arrived safely in Buenos Aires! It is really hot here. Love you guys lots. I´ll let you know more on Thursdays which is our P days. Can´t wait to hear from you guys! 

-Elder Orr