Elder Orr

Elder Orr

Monday, March 27, 2017


¡Hola! Another week has passed!
          It has been another great week in Argentina! I have the answer´s to the questions that mom sent! I love answering these it gives me something to write about and it is fun to answer them! Our schedule on Sundays for the church is actually a little different than Sundays in Utah. We will go look for investigators also to try and bring to church as well. They have priesthood the first hour at 9 o clock Argentine time then we have regular classes the second hour then we end with sacrament meeting starting at 11 and ending at 12. The rest of the day we go out and try to look for new investigators or visit recent converts that didn´t come. Really our day of rest is Mondays! It is funny I joke with Elder Mattinson that I can´t tell the difference between a Sunday and any other day!

The best thing this week was the temple! I haven´t been to the temple since the last week in the MTC so that was a really neat experience! I could understand so much more than the last time I went which helps me know the Spanish is coming along well! I still remember the first week in the MTC when we first went to the temple and I didn´t understand anything! Now I can understand the majority of it and even though there are still things hard to understand I can understand most of it! We also had a training with President Robertson before we went into the temple. He is an awesome mission president! He does a really good job! Anyways the temple was awesome! It was a refresher for the week!

 The worst thing this week was probably just chasing a couple of cockroaches in our apartment with some bug killer spray! It was actually kind of fun though! The temperature is about somewhere between 75-85 degrees Fahrenheit. 

We had an interesting experience with a drunk guy we had talked to, he stopped us on the street and started talking about the gospel with us. He was way drunk but he started telling us about the restoration and the church. He said he talked to some elders about 5 years ago and was really interested in talking with us. (But he was drunk) When we were done talking we didn´t really think much of it. Later in the week there was a church activity in the ward and he actually came! He was sober this time thank goodness, but he talked with us about how he wanted to change his life. Elder Mattinson invited him to be baptized and he accepted a date in April! Hopefully it doesn't fall through but it was a really interesting experience and definitely made me realize that you can´t just judge someone by first impressions. It made me realize how important it is to see everyone out here as children of our Heavenly Father. When you see people like that out here it really helps you to be able to love the people more and stay focused on the work. That is something I have learned for sure this week.

 Anyways I am excited for conference this week! I´m sure you guys are all excited as well too! Remember that there will be tough days in our lives and sometimes we wonder if we can go on, but as we ACT having faith in the Lord that things will get better, they will! He loves you more than you can imagine! His work is to bring to pass the imortality and eternal life of man, and that is exactly why He sends missionaries all around the world! That is why He helps them learn another language or overcome sicknesses and challenges. Because He loves all His children and desires happiness for them just as earthly parents desire happiness for their children as well. Anyways those are just a few of the things I have learned this week. Can´t believe another week has passed! Next thing I know a year will pass then 2 years! Anyways I just want to let all of you know how much I love you and appreciate the emails and support I get from you guys! It means so much to me to read about what is going on in everyone´s lives! Can´t wait to talk to you all again next week! Love you all!

Elder Orr 

Monday, March 20, 2017


¡Hola! Another great week!
          Thanks for the questions! 
1. We have a shower with hot water and electricity, also two beds, two desks for studying and a little kitchen!
2. We don´t have bikes, we walk a lot, but we also take the bus a lot as well! The bus is really our main transportation, any time we need to meet with President we take a train to the offices about 30 minutes away from us.
3. We have given away book of Mormons to people that we contact at their homes, if they want to hear our message we give them a book of Mormon and ask them to read it and pray about it for the next visit!
4. My favorite thing so far has been alfavores (I cant remember if that is how you spell it) they are kind of like little cookie cake things it is hard to describe them. Also bread and pasta! We have eaten a lot of that with lunch appointments!
5. I haven´t really eaten anything too crazy yet thanks goodness! Just a lot of pasta and bread!
6. In the morning I do push ups, that is really about it! Sometimes we wake up earlier and walk to the church to play some ping pong!
7. If there is one thing I miss besides family of course, is the mountains. Out where we are at it is so flat there are not even any hills!
8. My companion is a really hard worker! He love the people a lot also! All the members in our ward love him! He is a very kind and humble person! He is really good at loving the people! It is a trait that I want to develop!
9. We have an investigator that is way awesome! He is a son of one of our investigators! When he heard about what we do he was interested in the lessons! He came to church yesterday and we committed him to be baptized on April 8th! Hopefully it doesn't fall through and he still wants to do it by then. He is way awesome though! Way humble guy and really wants to come closer to God! He is 21 years old and he his name is Brian also!
10. Most people know who missionaries are down here so they don´t do it, one time proselyting in the MTC on a Saturday there was a woman that wanted to give us a hug and a kiss for giving the book of Mormon to her but my had to explain we were missionaries, but we don´t really have problems with that honestly!
11. Just about everyday we at least talk with a recent convert or an investigator about the lessons! My companion mostly tries to explain the complicated things and I will add in my own testimony throughout the lesson!
12. There are about 40-50 active members in the ward we serve in but there are about 200 members a lot are inactive.
13. Merlo is a little more of a richer area, there is one area that is really poor but most of it is fairly nice. The houses are all right next to each other with fences because there are a lot of robberies. I would try to take pictures but we are not supposed to look like tourists when I get a chance I will snap a photo!
14. I am actually more of an average size! There are quite a few people who are 6 feet tall! Lots of people don´t even look Latino either, there are lots of people with European heritage. 

It has been a good week! We have committed our investigator Brian to be baptized we hope the date will still go through but he is way interested and actually asked about being baptized when we first taught him! We also have another lady who is a recent convert that my companion and his companion before baptized last month. She is way fun to visit! She is from Paraguay and moved to Argentina when she was in her 20´s her name is Remejia she is way awesome! She loves talking to us and sharing how the gospel has blessed her life! She used to smoke before my companion and his companion taught her. She started smoking when she was five, but after talking with the missionaries she totally dropped smoking and hasn´t smoked since. That is something else that is crazy in Argentina there are some kids that are like 15 that will all of a sudden light up a cigarette or even drink! I think there even are laws against it but the police don´t really enforce them. We played soccer last p-day with some Argentines and the other 2 missionaries in our district. We surprisingly beat them! Hahaha! Anyways it has been a good week! Thanks everyone for the love and support! Some days it can be rough I won´t lie, but once you get past the bad days and work towards the good ones and just hang in there it all works out! Love you guys! I hope I was able to answer the questions well enough! I you have anymore I would be happy to answer them! Love you all and can´t wait to talk to you guys next week! Everyone have a great week and remember what you stand for!
-Love Elder Orr 
Some Questions sent to Sky 3-20-2017

I sent Sky some questions this week that he answered for me, so I am including them with he email so that your not totally lost :)

1- what is your apartment like, do you have electricity or a hot shower?

2-do you ride a bike anywhere or just walking?

3-have you given out a Book of Mormon yet?

4-what is your favorite thing you have eaten in Argentina?

5-what's the grossest thing you have eaten?

6-do you exercise everyday, if so what do you do?

7- besides family, what do you miss most about home?

8-what do you like most about your companion?

9-what is the best thing that has happened on your mission so far?

10-have any girls tried to kiss your cheek?

11-have you taught a discussion yet?

12-how many members are in the ward?

13-what does Merlo look like? The pictures I could see on the internet looked really pretty, kind of like home.

14- are you taller then most the Argentines?

Thanks for answering our silly questions!! We love you❤❤❤❤ have a great week Sky!!!

We love our missionary!!!!

Monday, March 13, 2017

March 13th 2017

Hi guys!
          The field has been an awesome experience! I definetly realize how much of a blessing it is to live in the US this week. Now don´t worry I am eating well and doing just fine! But living in a different country makes you realize that it is a privilege to live in the US. We went bowling our last P-day! It was different than bowling at home, they have strings attached to the pins and the lanes are not oiled at all! So in other words I didn´t bowl well and I am blaming it on those circumstances! Haha! Anyways the week has been good me and my companion have a goal to spanish all day until after our studies at night, that is really helping me to speak the language. I just have a problem understanding the native speakers, I can understand my companion for the most part because he doesnt speak as fast unless he is having a conversation with another person than it is a little hard to understand. I am learning a lot everyday! We walk a lot and talk a lot, I´m still trying to figure out what the phrase "I have Jesus in my heart" means because after some people say that to us they slam the door. Haha! Anyways the language is coming along ok I can understand some things that people say. I study as much of the language as I can using the gospel works in Spanish. The members are really good people here, it is so cool to see the gospel in other countries the people have the same spirit as people at home do. Anyways sorry I couldn´t write too much this week, but I want to let you guys all know I love you lots! I have one picture I am sending this week and it is to prove to Dad I am wearing his blue tie, he will know what I am talking about! Anyways love you all can´t wait to talk to you next week!
-Love Elder Orr

Monday, March 6, 2017

March 6th 2017..Elder Orr is serving in Merlo Argentina, his first area.

March 6th 2017

Dear family
         Hi guys! One week in the field already! The first few days I will admit were a little hard my stomach was acting up again, but starting on Saturday my stomach started feeling better, and right now it is great! I have been able to eat! I am so sorry I cant write too much to everyone that has wrote to me. The internet out here in the field is really slow and the computers also. My companion is great! His name is Elder Mattinson, and guess what. He is related to the mattinson´s in our ward! He is a cousin of theirs. He is awesome! He has really helped me to transition into missionary life out here in the field! My Spanish is ok for now, I am not expecting too much of myself. Conversational Spanish is hard to understand right now but I can understand our lessons when we are talking with investigators. I just need to learn to start speaking the language more so I can get the practice. In the ward where we are serving I was invited to share my testimony this last fast Sunday. I was nervous but I was able to bear my testimony for like 2-3 minutes in Spanish! As far as the area there are areas that are really poor and areas that are more richer. We work more in the areas that are poor because they are more receptive. One of the first people I got to meet my companion was teaching mostly but I had the opportunity to bear my testimony at the end. The women I bore my testimony to responded back and said something to me that I didnt understand. After our lesson my companion Elder Mattinson was so excited and he was like "Did you even understand what she said to you?" I of course was like "No way" He said that she was telling me she could tell I had the power of God with me and that she could feel something in her heart that was a good feeling after I spoke. My companion said "It was so cool that she was saying that and I look over at you and all I can think is: He cant even understand you right now!" Hahaha! It was really funny. The area is definetly different depending on where you go. One moment you are walking down a shopping complex and the next you feel like you are in a third world country. The members in our ward are all really kind to me. I cant understand hardly a word they say right now but they are patient with me. My companion speaks the language really well so I can at least learn from him as we go. Anyways that all that has been going on so far! Love all you guys and enjoy the pictures I sent I will be sending more! Love you all!
Love Elder Orr

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Feb. 28th 2017

Dear Family and Friends of Elder Orr,
 We are writing to inform you that your missionary, Elder Orr, has arrived safely in the Argentina Buenos Aires West Mission. We have enjoyed becoming acquainted with him and are excited to be serving together. 
 Thank you for the sacrifices you are making at home to have a missionary in the field. We know the Lord blesses and cares for the families of the missionaries.
 Please, find attached some pictures of him and some guidelines of the mission which will be useful to know.  You should also be getting an email from him next Monday.
 Warmest regards,                          
President David P. Robertson and Hermana Julie Robertson