Elder Orr

Elder Orr

Monday, April 24, 2017

April 24th 2017

          This week has been a great week! This last Monday we had the chance to meet President Nelson! I already talked about it last week but it happened this week so I will mention it as part of this best week! Wednesday I had tramites and that is basically visas I traveled to the capital with some other missionaries that were in the MTC with me to do their tramites as well. We were all speaking Spanish with each other practicing and it was so fun! Capital is really big I didn´t realize how many people lived in Buenos Aires until we traveled to capital! Anyways capital was really fun. We then just worked throughout the week until Daniel´s baptism on Saturday. It was a really cool experience! He was so ready for it, we honestly did not have anything to do with his conversion we just performed the ordinance for him and that was about it! He actually got a haircut before his baptism and he was saying he wanted to look presentable to God before he was baptized! It was so awesome, he had been reading the Book of Mormon over the last 5 years that missionaries have stopped by and taught him. Then one day he just made the decision to do it and he sought us out at a church activity. He used to be an evangelist we asked him why he wanted to change he told us ¨This spirit that you guys talk about, I can feel it more when I read in your book¨ He was way ready, when I baptized him it was a really neat experience the spirit was so strong! I felt so happy that night too after the baptism. I felt this joy like this is what I am supposed to be doing right now! It was so strong and powerful and the very next day when he was confirmed and took the sacrament it was just so special. I honestly can´t describe it in words but it made me realize how important it is that we are out here. We are doing the Lord´s work to make it possible that people can live again with our Heavenly Father. Moses 1:39 ¨This is my work and my glory to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man.¨ This work is more important than anything else we can do. Since coming on the mission I have realized that the gospel is really the only thing that is important. We need to live the gospel with our families and that is all that matters! My favorite things to do anymore honestly is going to church, the temple, and I have grown a love of studying the scriptures. If there is one thing I wish I would have done more before the mission it´s these things. Anyways the baptism of Daniel was really neat, he was so happy and he was just smiling when he took the sacrament the next day after he was confirmed. Anyways it was a great week! Can´t wait to talk more next week love you all and have a great week!
Love Elder Orr

Monday, April 17, 2017

April 17th 2017

     Had a great week this last week!
Easter sunday we mostly proselyted after church it honestly didn´t really feel like Easter Sunday except for us saying ¨Feliz Pascua¨ Happy Easter.
Worst thing that happened this week was probably when Brian didn´t come to church yesterday. I was really hoping he would have came and I hope he is not losing interest now that Elder Mattinson left but oh well if was only interested because Elder Mattinson was here then he was doing it for the wrong reason I guess. We had members feed us lunch on Easter Sunday as well so that was nice! Elder Mattinson was transferred to an area called los pinos it´s close to the mission offices in Ramos Mejia. My new companion is great! His name is Elder Dye he is from Idaho and he loves to hunt and fish so we get along just fine there! He is on his last transfer actually and he is heading home around May 23rd or something like that. My new companion is really laid back and easy to get along with. He just has that laid back country kind of personality. Daniel one of our investigators had his baptismal interview this last saturday and everything is all set for him to be baptized this saturday! That is pretty exciting, I don´t know if I really had much to do with him wanting to be baptized because he just really wanted to be, but it´s cool to be right next to him through it! Anyways that is really exciting! We also had the opportunity today to hear President Russell M. Nelson of the quorum of the 12 apostles in the capital earlier today! We all got to shake his hand as well it was really cool! I have had awesome luck with meeting apostles and area seventys and I have only been here for 3 months! I love the mission, you meet so many people and it´s so cool to talk about the gospel in Spanish! It is a really cool experience! You just have to keep going when things do get tough though and remember why you are here. Some days it can feel a little slow until you look back and realize you have already been here for three months! Then it makes you realize you need to enjoy every moment possible before it´s all over in this short two years. Anyways that has been what has gone on this week! Sorry I was not able to send pictures this week but I will have more for next week to send at least! Anyways love you all! Can´t wait to talk again next week!
Love Elder Orr

Monday, April 10, 2017

April 11th 2017

¡Hola! ¿Como están?
Here are the respuestas (answers) to your questions!
1. I got over my cold and I feel so much better now!
2. My clothes are doing good and so are my shoes! My shoes are awesome it was raining yesterday and they kept my feet totally dry! Also everyone can tell I am new just by how white my shirts are! Hahaha!
3. Soccer is kind of fun to play, and it is difficult also! Watching is still boring, but you do a lot of running and it is actually kind of fun to play I am just no good at it!
4. Yes there are people that want your opinion of him but you can´t say it because you are a missionary! Not everyone asks but I definitely have been asked about him. I just have to remember I am a representative of Jesus Christ.
5. Worst thing was when we had to change the baptismal date of our investigator Daniel, we thought we could baptize him this Saturday but we had to change the date.
6. The best thing so far was when we got to see what is going to happen for transfers today! It was exciting to see the first realy transfer in the field! Changes are exciting too so we are excited to miss it up a little differently!
7. My favorite thing about Argentina has got to be all the different homes that you can find! It is really diverse one day you will go visit people in some nicer homes with tile and carpet. Then the next thing you know you are in a home with a dirt floor. It is all really diverse and there is a little bit of everything when it comes to the people. Also the food is actually fairly good for being in a foreign country.
8. Most people already kind of know who we are, they just don´t want anything to do with us. They just tell us they believe in the Bible and don´t read it and that is about how far the contact goes. There are some people down here that don´t like the idea that the church headquarters are in America don´t ask me why because I don´t know the answer! Hahaha!
9. We shared the gospel with someone who is related to a member. We had lunch with the member and her brother was there. We shared the message about the restoration, and the Book of Mormon. We invited him to read it and pray about it so we will see how it goes. For the most part we don´t really have a whole lot of lessons. The area we are in is a little bit tougher because most of it is a little more richer. The areas that are more poor have been taught so much that everyone knows who the missionaries are. 

That has been a lot of what has been going on in the week. This week was a little bit slower, but we got transfers tomorrow. I will be getting a new trainer named Elder Dye I believe. It sounds like he was a zone leader so I am excited about that! We also have two more Elders moving into the area so we will have 4 of us working in the area so that will actually be kind of fun! Having 4 Elders in an area I hear is actually really fun. Sorry I don´t have pictures but I promise I will have some next week! Love you all! I can´t wait to talk to everyone next week and I´m excited to see what change this next transfer will bring! Can´t wait to talk till next week and I will have pictures! 
Love Elder Orr  
April, 3rd 2017

¡Hola! ¿Comó están?
          I will answer the questions mom sent to me.
1. My favorite talk was the one by Elder Costa of the seventy, he was the one from Buenos Aires Argentina. His talk was so direct, simple and powerful. It was also cool he was from Argentina!
2. On the saturday session we had a burger from a place that cooked them with some fries. Sunday we had lunch with elders from the zone in our apartment because the conference was broadcasted for the whole stake in our chapel. We had rice with hamburger and hot dog.
3. We watched it in the chapel in our ward, I watched three of the sessions in english on a different computer with other elders but one of them I watched in Spanish with our investigators.
4. We had two investigators come! Brian came he is very capo! (Awesome) also Daniel the guy that was drunk when we first met him.
5. Brian is progressing very well! He is very interested in the things we are teaching him, he also loves to play soccer with us on p days. We just finished playing today with him actually!
6. I had a cold Sunday and was a little sick, but don´t worry I fell great now!
7. The best thing about this week was when I heard they are building a temple in Saratoga Springs Utah! That was awesome! I was so excited for that! I thought ¨My family is probably so excited right now!¨
8. The weirdest thing that happened was when we ate with all the elders in our apartment just because we had never had that many elders in our apartment before.
9. I haven´t been dreaming in Spanish but before I fall asleep every night I find myself thinking in Spanish and even throughout the day. 

Conference this week was so awesome! That was probably the highlight of my week! The next p-day could be my last in this area. It´s possible that I might move because the next transfer is next tuesday but we will just have to see. It has been such an amazing experience here in Argentina! Sometimes I sit back and think ¨Wow, I am really in Argentina right now being a missionary!¨ It is really cool! If there is times when I feel a little homesick I just think to myself that it really is only for two years and then the rest of my life I am home. It is such an honor to be a missionary for the Lord, it is also such a neat experience to meet all different kinds of people. It is also amazing when you find yourself communicating with them a little bit here and there in Spanish! I love it, I am not going to lie though there are times when it is difficult but it wouldn´t really be that satisfying if there weren´t times when it was hard. Really though it is such a great experience!
I want to try and share my testimony in Spanish and you guys can try to translate it when you can!
Yo sé que mi Padre Celestial y mi salvador Jesucristo viven. Ellos me saben y saben todas las problemas que yo tengo. Ellos me aman e yo sé que ellos aman toda la gente en la tierra. Nosotros somos hijos y hijas de Dios. Dios tiene un plan para nosotros, y cuando nosotros cumplimos los mandamientos de Dios él nos bendecirá. A veces la vida en la tierra es difícil, pero con la Expiación de Jesucristo nosotros podemos superar todas de nuestras problemas y desafíos. Hay cosas que son difícil a cumplir, pero con la ayuda de Dios podemos hacer todas las cosas que necesitamos a hacer. Por ejemplo aprendiendo una nueva idioma. Yo sé estas cosas son verdaderas. José Smith era un profeta de Dios y el evangelio restaurado está en la tierra hoy. Yo sé estas cosas por el poder del Espiritú Santo e yo sé que cuando escuchamos a las palabras de Dios podemos sentir el Epiritú Santo. Yo tengo amor por mi Padre Celestial y a veces la misión es difícil, pero puedo sentir el amor de Padre Celestial cuando yo oro a Él. Yo tengo mucho respeto por el Salvador Jesucristo porque yo sé que fue difícil a hacer la Expiación. Sin la Expiación no podemos a volver a nuestro Padre Celestial y estoy muy agradezco por Jesucristo y la fuerte que Él tiene. Yo sé que estas cosas son verdaderas e yo digo estas cosas en el nombre de nuestro Salvador Jesucristo. Amén.
If you guys still don´t quite know what I said you can send it back to me and I can translate. I wanted to share it with you guys though because it is so cool to share in a testimony in another language! I don´t know if it was all totally 100 percent correct, but it´s the best I have for right now! Hahaha! Anyways it´s has been such a neat experience to be here, when times do get tough I actually think about everyone at home and it motivates me to keep pushing through. I know this is the place that I need to be here for these two years, and I know it will be such an awesome experience if I give it my all and do my best and the reward will be seeing everyone when I come home. Anyways love you all so much I can´t wait to read everyone´s emails next week! Love you all! 
Love Elder Orr