Elder Orr

Elder Orr

Monday, May 22, 2017


          This has been the first full week in Paso del Rey (Pass of the King) and it has been a good area so far from what I have seen. We have found 4 new people to teach so that was a highlight of the week. We have had some awesome lessons as well where we were able to feel the spirit so strong. One investigator was hesitant to accept that the Book of Mormon was another word of God. She was hesitant to believe that there was anything else other than the Bible. We bore our testimonies about the power of praying to Heavenly Father to know the Book of Mormon was true. At the end of the lesson we had a kneeling prayer and the spirit just filled the room. When Elder McDonald finished the prayer we sat there for a couple of minutes and our investigator started crying the spirit was so powerful. We were teaching her husband too and we could tell he felt it. They both said after ¨We need to pray about the Book of Mormon when is the next time you guys can visit us?¨ It was so awesome! I hope they really do it because I know if they do the Lord is going to answer their prayers. We have had a lot of fun this last week, or at least I have. It is really fun to see a new area. There is actually a river that runs along the border of the area but it is really dirty like the Jordan River and it´s slower moving as well. I don´t think even fish would be able to live in it honestly. There is a family that Elder McDonald has been teaching and they are super capos! (Awesome people) they read, pray and come to church every week but the mom and the dad are not married so they can´t get baptized. It´s a hurdle for them but they are super awesome people! If they can do that they would probably get baptized. We went out yesterday with the ward mission leader looking for people that were less actives. We have been mostly walking and looking for potential investigators from past missionaries and looking for less actives to talk to as well. I have been doing well though, I really feel if we can get some things going we might see some baptisms over the next few months here! We will just have to see what happens though of course. Everyday I feel like my Spanish is improving, I have been able to roughly talk to people in regular conversations. I feel fairly comfortable to be able to express what I want to say in Spanish as well. I run into words I don´t know but I can somehow find a substitute for the word I originally wanted to use. Sometimes you have days where it´s rough and you feel like you are not improving like you want but one thing I always look forward to is praying to Heavenly Father at the end of the day before bed. I can just have my own conversation with Him in English and be able to fully express myself to Him. He always is there to comfort me with His spirit when I have tough days. Never forget to turn to Him when times get tough and even when times are good. He is always there waiting to listen because He loves us and knows us. Anyways that is how my week went. Love you all! Thank you for your support and prayers it helps me out every day! Can´t wait to talk more next week!

he Lord is amazing, and the comfort of the Holy Ghost is so powerful. There are times where I feel so inadequate doing this marvelous work but I just try to remember that the Lord will prepare you if you have faith in Him. It´s amazing how much I have learned just being out here for 4 months, it is one of the most enriching experiences of my life. I love being a missionary! It is just a neat experience one that I probably won´t ever have again in my life. Love you Mom! Thanks for sharing with me everything you guys are up too! It makes me happy to see your smiling faces! Have an awesome week!

Love Elder Orr

Monday, May 15, 2017


This week was a great week! It was also a little crazy too! I just got flashed is what they call it. It´s when you get moved to a different area before the transfer even ends. We received a call from President Robertson on like Wednesday I think. There was 4 of us Elders in  Padua but President called and moved one of them to a different area. Then me Elder Dye and another Elder named Elder Jackson were in a trio for a few days. So we were together us three until we received more word from President. President then called us and told us I was moving to Paso del Rey. So I got my bags packed and then  took a remis which is kind of like a taxi down here. I took one to the mission offices and met Elder McDonald then we took another remis to the area. Once we arrived I got all unpacked and then we went out and started working. Sunday was really fun to meet all the new members, I was able to speak ok to most of them and understand them somewhat ok! Then the highlight of the week was talking to the family through skype! It was so much fun to chat with everyone and see their smiling faces. It´s so amazing the technology that we have to be able to do things like that! I´m also grateful that I can talk every week through email! There are some missionaries that are in really rural areas that are not able to do that. It was funny I thought I was going to get really homesick after the call but it was really cool. After I started talking to the bishop and I was having a full conversation with him for 40 minutes! I was able to understand him and able to speak to him clearly! It was so cool! It made me excited for what is to come these next few months in  Paso del Rey! It might be possible that I will guide the area if Elder McDonald moves at the end of this week. It might be a little stressful because I don´t know the area too well yet but we will see. Anyways it´s been a really fun week! It honestly turned out way different than I thought it would have. I´m pretty excited to get working too in this area. I finish my training this week too so that is a highlight coming up also. The mission is a lot like life really, there are a lot of changes and you just really need to adjust to them. The first part of the mission was hard to adjust to changes but now it feels like it will be just a regular thing and I feel like I am getting used to it. This week has been one of the funnest weeks that I have had on the mission. Changing areas was a fun unexpected thing that took place and being able to skype for the first time was awesome as well. It´s been a really fun week and I can´t wait to see what else the week will bring. It is so much fun to be a missionary in a different country. Every once in a while I just stop and think Wow I am in Argentina sharing the gospel this is so cool! Well the week looks to be good, it could be possible that I leave Paso del Rey as well but we will just have to see next Monday. Most likely I will stay here for a while. I think it is very possible actually that I will be here until mid August. We have the 9 week transfer coming up here pretty soon so most likely I will be here for the 9 week transfer. I would be ok with that so far though I like Paso del Rey from what I have seen so far. It will be a fun few months here. It is amazing how much you learn everyday too, one of my more favorite things to do is clean. When you have a clean apartment and clean clothes it is just so nice. There is so much to learn on the mission, and it helps you kind of grow up a little bit. Things you didn´t do before you now find yourself doing. One of my favorite things to do is study actually, I love studying the gospel and Spanish! Well anyways I am so excited to see what is going to come up these next few months. I feel like in the next few months I am going to feel more comfortable in Spanish and who knows I might be able to speak to people entirely on  my own without any help from my companion. Anyways love you all! It has been a really fun and crazy week! Can´t wait to talk again next Monday! Have a great week everyone! Love you lots!
Love Elder Orr

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Wednesday, May 10, 2017


     This week has been an awesome week! We had 3 investigators in church and we found 3 new people to teach! It´s been a really good week compared to other weeks that we have had. One of the nephews of Daniel is really interested and he is really serious about being baptized. He came to church all by himself it was awesome! The other two would need to get married to be baptized but they are seriously thinking about it so it is really exciting! We also found two other people to teach. The two we found have talked to sister missionaries before and were really progressing but the one starting going to her old church again and she stopped progressing. We had swung by their house a lot to see if we could teach them again. She would tell us to come by another day until finally yesterday we were able to teach them about the restoration and we are going to meet them again this wednesday. She told us after so many times that we came by that God must have been trying to tell her something if we were really coming by that many times. When both of them were home she jumped at the opportunity to let us in, because we can´t teach a woman without another man in the house it´s a mission rule. Just happened that she and her husband were both home yesterday and we were able to teach them! It was awesome! Anyways this week has been a great week! It was really nice to have a little bit of success and reach some goals we had. Since it was fast and testimony meeting I think it´s really cool to share my testimony in spanish every time in my weekly email so I think I will make it a thing. 

Esta semana fue una muy buena semana. Yo aprendí la importancia de la diligencia. A veces es muy difícil cuando las personas que nosotros contactamos no tienen tiempo a escuchar. Pero podemos demostrar la importancia de este mensaje cuando pasamos muchas veces. Cuando la gente puede ver este ellos van a escuchar en un día. Entonces nunca perder la esperanza en una persona. No sabemos cuando una persona puede cambiar su vida. A veces toma mucho tiempo pero en un día una persona puede cambiar. Yo sé que el Espíritu Santo puede testificar a ellos que este mensaje es muy importante cuando demostramos la importancia de ello. Siempre necesitamos demostrar el amor del Salvador. Necesitamos a tener amor para nuestro prójimo. Yo sé que esta obra es muy maravillosa y puede cambiar la vida de una persona. Yo sé que mi Padre Celestial tiene amor por toda la gente porque somos sus hijos. Hay momentos difíciles en la vida pero con la ayuda del Salvador podemos superarlos. Estoy muy agradecido que soy un misionero y tengo esta oportunidad a servir. 

Love you all! Have an awesome week! I don´t have too much time left, but I love all you guys have an awesome week and can´t wait to talk next week!
Love Elder Orr


This week was a very good week. I learned the importance of diligence. Sometimes it is very difficult when the people we contact do not have time to listen. But we can demonstrate the importance of this message when we pass many times. When people can see this they will listen in a day. Then never lose hope in a person. We do not know when a person can change his life. Sometimes it takes a lot of time but in a day a person can change. I know that the Holy Spirit can testify to them that this message is very important when we demonstrate the importance of it. We always need to demonstrate the Savior's love. We need to have love for our neighbor. I know that this work is very wonderful and can change the life of a person. I know that my Heavenly Father has love for all people because we are His children. There are difficult times in life but with the help of the Savior we can overcome them. I am very grateful that I am a missionary and I have this opportunity to serve.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017


email to mom,

That is so awesome! She is so cute! I am so happy to see my new cousin! That is awesome you guys ran a half marathon! I can see Jonah running in his sandals with a beard, an adeladle, and a Matt graham accent. Hahaha! That is awesome, I am doing great Daniel is doing well he drank again a few nights ago but he called us and was really sorry about it. He really wants to do the right thing. He came to a church activity today and we saw him there. We were playing soccer with some other Elders from different areas and the ward had an activity there. We are doing really well though, it amazes me that it is already May. I feel like the time is passing by way too fast. I am so happy to hear about Amy, Brian and Madeline! I was wondering when they were going to have their baby. It is weird to think she will be almost two when I get home! Anyways love hearing from you mom! I love you so much too! If you have time I can chat in the corner if not está bien (It´s ok). Have a great week mom! Love you so much! Thanks for all the updates! It helps me not feel left out. Love you lots Mom!
May 1st 2017

     First thing I want to say is sorry I couldn´t live chat my computer was really slow just like all of the computers here at this place we will have to go try the other place. Anyways this week was a good week we found a couple of new investigators one was Daniels dad we taught him lesson one the one day. We don´t know how interested he is but maybe he will see how happy Daniel is and want to make the decision to be baptized. The week was really just like any other week, we have just been walking everyday and looking for new investigators to teach. We have some that aren´t really willing to keep commitments. We mostly try to look also for a lot of less actives, there are quite a few. When we can we try to get in and teach them as well. As far as Spanish it was really cool earlier today I was able to talk to Daniel and another member at a church activity. I was talking with them all by myself for about 10 minutes. Now my Spanish wasn´t perfect and I couldn´t understand everything that they said to me but I had the main idea of what we were talking about. It is starting to get a lot cooler down here. I hear July is killer cold and it´s right around the corner so we will see what is going to happen. I can´t believe it´s already May, we have three weeks left for this transfer. I am pretty sure I will be here for one more transfer because Elder Dye is heading home for his last transfer here, and I will probably stay because the new Elder coming will need help knowing the area for a little bit. The next transfer also is only going to be 3 weeks because President Robertson is leaving and the new Mission president is coming in. So I am pretty sure I will be in this area for at least 6 more weeks. It´s funny I was asking Elder Dye if he was excited to head home, he told me ¨No, as soon as I get home my dad is going to put me to work¨ ¨I´d rather teach, teaching is a lot easier¨ It made me laugh but he also said it is amazing how fast the time flies by on the mission. He was telling me about all of his areas and companions and experiences that he has had. It made me excited for the adventures that are ahead for me in my mission. It is really an adventure, it´s one of the coolest things I have done in my life. It is one of the hardest but also one of the coolest. There is not a whole lot of experiences that can compare. Anyways sorry I don´t have much this week I am glad I was able to send something my computer was so slow. Have an awesome week! Love you all!
Love Elder Orr