Elder Orr

Elder Orr

Monday, June 26, 2017


     This has been a good week! We had stake conference yesterday. President Robertson came and it was the last time we were able to hear him speak. He shared his experiences when he first became a mission president and it was a great help for me. He talked about how it is important to act and not wait to be acted upon. It was a great talk and I was able to benefit from it. We have zone conferences this Saturday to be able to meet President Rezek and his wife. They will come to our zones and meet each one of us for this first time this saturday so we are excited about that. I am excited to be able to meet him! We have been working pretty hard this week, we found 4 new people to teach and we are still teaching this mother and daughter named Betty and Brenda. They will be baptized in two weeks so we are really excited for them. It has been such an honor to be a missionary for the Lord and to be able to meet some wonderful people. It is way cool to see a different culture and realize that there are other people that live outside of the United States. Betty and Brenda are so awesome! They are so prepared and ready to receive the gospel! They came to the stake conference that we had too and they were really excited to listen to the speakers and they love having us come over and teach them. They ask us a lot of questions yesterday at the end Brenda was asking us what kind of music we listen to as members of the church. We were talking about all the different music we listened to before our missions and it was really cool to see similarities between us and people that live here. It made me realize that we may come from different places but in the end we are all children of God and we are all the brothers and sisters. It has been so much fun to be a missionary, it is so rewarding la verdad. To share this joy that we have with other people is a priviledge. Anyways it has been a good week we were able to teach some new people and help Betty and Brenda prepare for baptism and take one step closer to it. Anyways it´s been an awesome experience thus far and I can´t believe it´s already been 5 months since I got on the airplane. Before you know it you´ll find yourself heading home stressing about college and finding someone to marry. At least I don´t have to worry about those things for a while though. Anyways love you all it has been so much fun to talk to you! Can´t wait to hear from you more next week! Tengan una buena semana
Love Elder Orr 

Monday, June 19, 2017


Another great week in Argentina! We had an interesting week with the transfers! It has been an interesting week. There was this guy that we talked to in the street that supposedly was a missionary or preacher in an Evangelist church. We told him we were representatives of the Church of Jesus Christ. He then told us that we ourselves like our bodies were representatives of the Church of Christ. He talked about the scripture in Corinthians that says our bodies are temples. Then went on to explain that our bodies are churches and that is why we dont need to go to church. We were like ????? So that was an interesting experience. He also thought that images of Christ are sin. ?????? How is a picture of our savior a sin? Anyways it was interesting he also thought we only were valiant during our missions and then thought he was more holy because he supposedly preached the word of God his whole life. He said to us -So after your missions you just go back home and forget everything in your church and live a life of sin and you dont preach anymore right? It kind of made me a little angry because it was like I am away from my family for two years and you have your little I phone listening to your music and somehow you are more holy than us because you believe your body is a building and you preach apostasy your whole life? I would love to see him preach in the United States in downtown Detroit trying to learn English. Anyways there are some people with the craziest beliefs. We had a great lesson with some investigators who are going to be baptized on July 8th! They are awesome, they are preparing so well and the one wants to read the entire Book of Mormon before her baptism. They are so awesome! They have been coming to church and wanting to learn as much as they can. We taught the Word of Wisdom and I shared the blessings that I have seen from keeping it. I talked about how I loved to hike in the mountains at home and look for Deer horns before I came to Argentina. I talked about the blessing of health that I have had to be able to keep doing the things I love to do. It was a great lesson and they commited to live it! They are capas! Anyways its been a great week! Love you all! Thanks for all the support and pics! Cant wait to talk again next week! Have a great week love you all!
-Love Elder Orr

Monday, June 12, 2017


This has been an awesome week! We have had a lot of success! We also just received some news of transfers! I will stay here in Paso del Rey for 9 more weeks at least. This next transfer will be longer because President Rezek the new mission president is coming, so this transfer will be longer so he doesn´t have to worry about organizing transfers for a little bit. Elder McDonald is heading to a different area, to be a zone leader. I had a feeling he was going to be a zone leader for some reason. I will be companions with Elder Cobb, he is from west valley. I met him when I was in Papua he was in the same zone as me. He seems like an awesome Elder from when I met him so I am excited! We had another service opportunity this week! We went to go paint a school and some potential investigators came to help us out too. The one problem is we forgot to take pictures! The bishop might send us some though so we will see. We found 6 new investigators this week! It was a great week for finding new investigators! We will definitely have some people to work with when Elder Cobb gets here tomorrow! It has been colder that is for sure, but a winter coat in the night time is good enough to keep you warm. The other day was way warm we didn´t even need to wear sweaters it was so warm. One investigator we are working with is so awesome! She wants to learn so much! She read the entire gospel principles book in a week! She got one last Sunday and read it throughout the whole week and finished it! She told us she plans to do the same thing with the Book of Mormon. She is awesome and wants to learn so much, she came to church yesterday with her mom and her sister who are also investigators. She has a baptismal date for the 1st of July with her mom too so we will see how it will work out but we are excited! Her name is Brinda, she is really smart and has a real desire to learn the gospel and follow the savior. She said she was just confused about which church is the true church, because her and her mom went to a lot of evangelist churches but never seemed to find the right one. She said until we all of a sudden showed up and she was ready to receive our message. She loved the story of Joseph Smith because she thought his situation is a lot like hers. She loves the idea of praying to God for an answer about which church is true. I think she knows too that she is receiving her answer. Anyways she is a capa! (she is awesome) I have loved all the service opportunities we had these last few weeks! It has been great to provide service for others and sometimes it is a nice change from just proselyting all the time. Hahaha! Anyways it´s been a great week and I look forward to what these next few weeks will bring! I need to take some better pictures though and not of cotton fruit pero bueno está bien. Loved talking to you all! I love writing every week! I look forward to writing again! ¡Tengan una buena semana y les amo mucho!
Love, Elder Orr  

Monday, June 5, 2017


         This week has been a really good week! We reached our goal of having 6 investigators come to church yesterday! Wednesday I had the opportunity to do a companion exchange with Elder Neto, he is from Brazil. Companion exchanges are when we switch companions with other Elders in our district for one day only. So we did that tuesday actually and I stayed at the apartment with the Elder Neto over in Moreno. Then Wednesday Elder Mcdonald came with Elder Neto´s companion over to the apartment and we then headed back over to paso del rey. I learned a lot from Elder Neto, he had a lot of excitement for the work and it helped me to re adjust some things. He came out the same time that I did so we had a little bit in common. He was a convert from Brazil and he has been a member for about a year and a half. He was awesome, I then went back over to Paso del Rey with Ëlder McDonald, we had another service opportunity as well this week. A recent convert in the ward had a scary experience. His roof in his house caught on fire and fire fighters came to put it out. He called us later in the day and said he needed help to keep up the mess. We went over there and helped him out cleaning out the left over water from the fire fighters and black ash in the room below the area of the roof that caught fire. Me and Elder McDonald were talking through out the week how interesting it was that his roof caught fire. This recent convert was in active and started smoking again he is 18 years old. He wanted to change though and he came to church the last Sunday for the first time in months is what Elder McDonald said and he came yesterday too. He has also quit smoking again, then the next thing you know after he comes to church for the first time in months his roof in his house catches on fire. We were talking about how it´s interesting how hard the adversary works to get people to not make changes in their lives or to be able to enjoy the fruits of the gospel. He came to church yesterday though despite what happened.

          We are pretty excited for these two investigators that we have. They both have baptismal dates for the 1st of July so we are really excited for them and hope that the dates w
 fall through! They came to church yesterday and it seemed to us that they had a really good experience. We have been teaching them for the last few weeks, it is a mother and daughter that Elder Dye my last companion told me to go visit. He was in this area before. It´s has been a fun area to be in. We are really excited for what is going to come these next few weeks I think we are going to have a lot of work for us. 

Quiero compartir mi testimonio porque ayer fue el primer domingo.

La oportunidad que tenemos para compartir el evangelio es muy especial. Que grande es la oportunidad que tenemos para ayudar a nuestros hermanos y hermanas. Sé que Dios ama a todos Sus hijos y Él desea que regresamos y vivir con Él después esta vida. Sé que Jesucristo es nuestro salvador y Él murió y sufrió por nuestros pecados para que podamos cambiar nuestras vidas. Sé que Dios puede ayudarnos con todos los desafíos que tenemos. Él tiene el poder para hacerlo. Que grande es un milagro cuando alguien quiere cambiar su vida. Sé que Dios tiene un plan para nosotros. Él quiere que compartimos este plan con otras personas. Es una bendición que tenemos. Es una esperanza que tenemos. Hay mucas personas que están buscando una esperanza y una felicidad. Lo tenemos y necesitamos compartirlo con otras personas. A veces es difícil hacerlo pero con la ayuda del señor nada es imposible. comparto estas cosas con mucho amor en el nombre de Jesucristo. Amen.

​I am including the English translation:
I want to share my testimony because yesterday was the first Sunday. The opportunity we have to share the gospel is very special. How great is the opportunity we have to help our brothers and sisters. I know that God loves all His children and He wants us to come back and live with Him after this life. I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior and He died and suffered for our sins so that we can change our lives. I know that God can help us with all the challenges we have. He has the power to do it. How great a miracle is when someone wants to change their life. I know God has a plan for us. He wants us to share this plan with other people. It's a blessing we have. It is a hope that we have. There are many people who are looking for hope and happiness. We have it and we need to share it with other people. Sometimes it is difficult to do it but with the Lord's help nothing is impossible. I share these things with much love in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Anyways everyone have a great week! Can´t wait to talk to you all next monday!
Love Elder Orr  

Thursday, June 1, 2017


 I tried to see if it was possible to send videos but the file was too large but at least I can still send pics. This week has been an interesting week, I have learned a few things that I have never though of before. Earlier this week we were walking around the town in Paso del Rey we passed a little shop that sales fishing stuff and they had a pellet gun for sale. I thought to myself ¨This is the closest I am going to get to Cabela´s for two years¨ Hahaha! Anyways it was interesting to see, we have been trying to find a lot of less actives because the member list is so small. We have been working a lot with our ward mission leader. He has come along with us on a few visits to help out with teaching some investigators. He has an awesome testimony and he was baptized only about 3 years ago. He always had a happy attitude about going around visiting all these different people. It made me realize that I need to try and have the same excitement that he has. Anyways we have been working with him mostly this week and it has been really good. I´m starting to learn that I need to just say things when I have them on my mind. I have let opportunities go by without saying anything and I feel really bad after the lesson. I have been learning to try and speak up more and try to say what is on my mind or in my heart. I have also learned how important prayer is, too often I treat prayer as something just regular and going through the motions kind of thing. When you think about it though prayer is one of the most awesome things in this world. We have the ability to talk to our Heavenly Father who loves us and is ready to listen to us. I have also learned to act on the things that I am praying for. When I don´t act on what I´m praying for it is really hard for Heavenly Father to bless me with what I need. Prayer is like a conversation, it is a conversation with our Father in Heaven who loves us and cares about us and wants to help us when we need it. Through Him I also know that weak things can become strong and when we really pray with real intent we find that our prayers are more powerful and we can feel the spirit more. I know when there have been times that I have either missed home or started to feel discouraged but when I pray to Heavenly Father I can feel the comfort of His spirit. It helps me realize that it doesn´t matter where you are at in life or how you feel. You can always pray to your Heavenly Father and feel that comfort that He has ready for you. Prayer is amazing. I almost forgot one story that happened this week. We gave service for a recent convert who has a lot going on. She is a single mother and is raising 4 kids. She has a hard time trying to get a lot of things done around her house. We dressed in jeans and a sweatshirt to go over and help her. It was weird wearing jeans it was the first time I had worn them in like 4 months. Anyways we went to her house and cleaned her yard up a little bit. There was a fire where they burned trash and that kind of stuff. We took a shovel and a wheel barrow and moved all the burnt trash and ashes out of the yard. We then took it over to this kind of canal man made river that was a few houses away and just dumped it in the river. We asked them where we should dump it and they just told us to dump it in the river. It was funny I thought to myself ¨Wow if you did this in the US you would get a $200 ticket!¨ My companion was funny he said something like ¨I feel like a horrible citizen of the world dumping this trash into this river.¨ It was interesting it reminded me that we aren´t in the US anymore. Then we went back to her house and chopped some bamboo like stuff with a machete. It was some interesting service work, one Elder I knew in Padua once was asked by someone to kill his chickens with a .22. He couldn´t use the .22 obviously so he killed them with a slingshot and some rocks. He showed me a video and everything. So I guess what we did wasn´t too weird. Hahaha! It was fun though, it felt good to help her out with some stuff that needed to be done around her house. It was actually the first bit of service work that I have done here in Argentina. It was a great experience though. One thing that is awesome too that I forgot to mention is I found OREOS! They taste a little different than the ones in the states but I FOUND THEM! It has been so much fun to be a missionary, I feel like I am learning something new about our Savior everyday. It is amazing how when you work with other companions and members en la obra misional (Missionary work) it´s amazing how much your love for these people grows. There are so many people that I have felt so honored to meet in the mission that I otherwise never would have met if I hadn´t come. Anyways that is all I have to say for this last week, it has been so much fun! Have an awesome week everyone and I will talk to you all next monday
Love Elder Orr