Elder Orr

Elder Orr

Monday, July 10, 2017


This week has been such an awesome week! We have had so much fun! A baptism always lifts your spirits and makes you really happy! It definitely reminds you why you are out serving a mission in the first place. We had a member in the ward baptize her so there could always be someone in the ward there for her, because eventually the missionaries are gone. Brenda was so much fun to teach though! She has such a powerful testimony of the gospel! I think she knows more about the gospel than I do! She has been reading from the Book of Mormon so much and she loved the story of Joseph Smith and how he was searching for the true church. She said it was the exact place that she was at, she was searching for a church to join because religion is important to her. We then showed up all of a sudden and started teaching her and her family and the rest is history. She was so prepared to receive the gospel! Her mom is going to be baptized either this week or the next week! We still have to figure out what day we are going to do it. We have been having so much fun in Paso del Rey! A lot of success is heading our way here! We had divisions with some elders in our district this last tuesday. I went with an elder named Elder Ponte from PerĂș I worked with him a little bit this last Tuesday in Paso del Rey! It was a ton of fun, it is a lot of fun to get to know other members of the church that live in different countries! It makes you realize that the gospel is so true to have so many people accept it into their lives! It has been so much fun to be a missionary! So many different experiences that you get to have every day! I have definitely enjoyed it and it has already been 6 months! It´s incredible! Anyways sorry I didn´t have much time to write today but love you all! Have a great week and I can´t wait to talk again next week!
Love Elder Orr 

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