Elder Orr

Elder Orr

Monday, July 17, 2017


This has been a really great week! Sometimes you have those rougher weeks where it can sometimes be really hard and you might even start to get a little homesick but there is always a bright light at the end of the tunnel! Throughout the week I started to miss home a little bit, and I was a little sad throughout the week. We had interviews this last friday with President Resek. We traveled to the mission offices and had some training and a lunch. We then had interviews with President Resek. I was the last one to be interviewed actually and we had the baptism at 7 o clock. President Resek offered to give us a ride over to Paso del Rey because it was late so we could make it to the baptism. He hadn´t interviewed me just yet until we got to the chapel. I was able to talk to him about how I was doing and he was able to give me some advice to help me out. He talked about how the first 6 months are really hard normally for missionaries when it comes to being homesick. He then talked about how from 6 months to a year is when missionaries start learning at a rapid pace. He said most growth as far as experience, the language, and spiritual growth starts accelerating rapidly after 6 months up to a year. He basically said that I´m entering the best part of my mission as far as growth is concerned. It helped me to realize that there is still so much to do in the mission and so much to still learn. He even asked me about how I would feel with training someone in a transfer or two. It surprised me when he asked me and helped me to have a lot of confidence in myself. Anyways the interview was just really good and it helped me to have more confidence and believe that I can still continue to go forward strong. Then right after the interview we had our baptism and he stayed for it! It was such a great baptism, there were so many people from the ward that were there supporting it! After the baptismal service there was refreshments in the relief society room. Everyone in the ward was having a good time chatting and everything. One sister in the ward was like ¨Hey everyone in the ward loves baptismal services so just keep lining one up every week and make this a regular thing!¨ It was so great! One baptism that I will definitely remember for the rest of my mission! We have been teaching Brenda and Beti a lot in their home and it has been so much fun to teach them! Beti always makes us mate cocido which is kind of like green tea down here. We always have great lessons with them too. They have a really strong spirit and it is so special to be a part of it! Anyways always remember that there is a light at the end of the tunnel whenever you feel sad or down. The bad moments don´t last forever and before you know it the good ones just start to roll in! Anyways love you all it has been so much fun to talk to everyone! Reading your emails every week really helps me to keep going forward! Have a great week everyone! 
Love Elder Orr

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