Elder Orr

Elder Orr

Wednesday, July 5, 2017


     This has been a fun and different week than normal. This last Friday we had divisions with the other elders in our district. I went over to their apartment and worked with another elder over there for the day and stayed the night. The next day on saturday we had a zone conference with another zone and we went to a different chapel outside of our area to meet the new mission president, President Resek. It was really fun, I was able to see my last comp Elder McDonald and see how he was doing. He is a zone leader over there in the area now so that was fun to see him again. I also was able to see an elder that was in the MTC with me. I was with this elder in the MTC named Elder Sparks he was in the same district as me in the MTC. It was really fun to talk to him again and we were talking about all the different stories we had and what our areas were like and that kind of thing. It was really fun we also had lunch there as well before President Resek arrived. When President Resek came he went around and shook all our hands and got to know us a little bit. We were able to get to know him a little bit and his family. They had a little training meeting and after the training meeting we headed back to our normal areas to proselyte the rest of the day. That was really fun especially to see Elder Sparks again, we then have been making preparations for Brenda to be baptized! She is going to be baptized this Saturday and then confirmed the Sunday after! We are so excited for her! Her mom and her other 2 siblings are also preparing to be baptized so we could potentially baptize all four of them this month! We have been planning Brenda´s baptism with the Ward mission leader and we are so excited! I just recently checked on how Daniel is doing in Padua, because there is a web page for the mission that you can check to see how your recent converts are doing. Daniel has the Aaronic priesthood right now and he is a Priest he has been doing family history work as well and taking names to the temple! He went one time to do baptisms for the dead! I was so excited when I read it! I didn´t know you could check their progress to see how they are doing until Elder Cobb told me. When I read it I was just filled with so much joy! I was worried it was going to say that he went inactive or something like that but when I read it I was so happy! It made me realize that I am here for a reason and there is so much joy in this work. It made me so happy to read that he was doing well still! Yesterday was fast and testimony meeting as well and they announced Brenda´s baptism in the ward. We hope that the members will come but we will just wait and see. I also wanted to share my testimony in Spanish too since it was fast and testimony yesterday.

El tiempo es muy rápido, es algo que me dio cuenta. Cada día estoy pensando en como puedo usar mi tiempo bueno, porque sólo es 2 años que estoy acá. A veces tengo sueños de que estoy en casa y no tengo conocimiento de español o del evangelio. Me dio cuenta que necesito trabajar muy duro. Necesito usar mi tiempo en una buena manera o voy a volver y tener dudas y remordimientos de que hice en la misión. Sé que es importante usar nuestro tiempo en una buena manera. Sólo tenemos esta vida para hacer lo que el Señor quiere que hagamos. A veces tengo remordimientos que no hice todo que pude hacer antes la misión y ahora sé que es importante que usamos nuestro tiempo en una buena manera. Recuerden que tiempo es importante y también cuando tengamos experiencias muy buenas, necesitamos disfrutarlas. La vida es muy especial. Es nuestro tiempo para aprender y comprender. Sé que el uso de tiempo es importante, y debemos prepararnos por la próxima vida y también debemos disfrutar el momento que estemos. No debemos buscar por una mejor vida de plata u otras cosas del mundo pero necesitamos disfrutar la vida que Dios nos dio. Sé que tiempo es importante y nuestro Salvador nos ama. 

Anyways can´t wait to talk next week! Everyone have a great week! Love you all and I look forward to talking again!
Love Elder Orr

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