Elder Orr

Elder Orr

Monday, July 31, 2017


Queridos familiares y amigos,
          Hey everyone, can´t believe another week has passed by! This is going by way to fast seemed like just yesterday I was in Padua thinking about the big long 9 week transfer that was coming with the new mission president! Now we are 2 weeks away from ending it! Paso del Rey has been a blast we are going to have two more baptisms this Saturday! We are way excited! We have been teaching the family of the two that were recently baptized and they are preparing for their baptisms this Saturday! It´s been a ton of fun to teach them and help them prepare. One thing I have learned this week is that you don´t want to be alone for your whole life. We have been teaching this guy that lives all alone and he is not married or has any family that is close to him. It is a way sad lifestyle. It definitely has made me realize how important marriage is and having a family. I used to not think of marriage as a number one priority for me when I get home. Honestly though it is super important. Family is so much in this life, because I have also seen people who have nothing but their family and they are more happy than people who have no one in their lives. Anyways that is a little something interesting I´ve learned on the mission sorry I didn´t have a whole to write about this week but that was the important lesson for the week. Love you all! Thanks for the support and love! Everyone have an awesome week!
Love Elder Orr 

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