Elder Orr

Elder Orr

Monday, August 28, 2017

Aug. 28th 2017

Queridos familiares y amigos,
          This week has been a lot of hard work but a fun way to be able to enjoy a little bit of relaxation at the end of the week. We have biked a lot and have been visiting a lot of members who are inactive, it is interesting the reasons why people go inactive. One of them being because you didn´t get a piece of cake at somebody´s birthday party. Anyways that was one of the most intersting things I´ve heard this week. It´s pretty fun to get to know a different area and to be able to meet different people. We got to go fishing this morning and it was a ton of fun, it was so relaxing to be able to just enjoy the lake and take your mind off things and just enjoy God´s creations. We didn´t catch anything but all we used was worms and a bubble I really want to go check out a fishing store and see if they sell jigs or something like that to be able to try a different time. Tomorrow we have to get up way early to go to a zone conference in a town called Chacabuco. It is about 2 hours away in a bus so we have to take a bus in the morning to be able to get to it. So that is something different that will happen this week but other than that it will be just back to work. We had a stake conference yesterday for church we listened to Elder Rasband and he shared his testimony. It was so good it almost made me cry I felt the spirit so strong. It´s been an amazing experience to be a missionary, I´ve learned so many valueble things that have really blessed me. It´s been a privilege to be able to share my testimony with other people in a different country in a different languague. It´s really amazing honestly and it is an experience that I know will bless the lives of other people who take steps to have this experience. This is all I have to share for this week it has been so much fun to be a missionary in Argentina! Love you all! Can´t wait to share more experiences with you next week! Have a great week all of you!
Love Elder Orr

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